The official inflation number in The Netherlands was 6.4% in December. Let's see how many people will act on this announcement.

Life is easier if you're not fixated on the bitcoin price.

#Bitcoin will win because it's the only one that's actually secure. Everything else has confiscation, censorship and/or inflation risks.

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy this time with family and friends. 🍾 👨‍🍳

Schulden betalen door meer schulden te maken. Hoe lang is dat nog vol te houden!?
The United States pays its debts when they are due. That’s why today, I signed a bill to fast-track the process to raise our debt limit.

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Ik wil even een ding aanstippen rond de recente trend waarin banken niet langer klanten toestaan bepaalde betalingen uit te voeren naar bepaalde andere klanten.

Dat gebeurt onder de noemer van witwasbestrijding enzo, maar ik heb daar vraagtekens bij.

Vergelijk telefoneren.

I'm reading The Fiat Standard by @saifedean and wow, some real gems in there:

"There is a huge difference between recession-induced deflation, which is only possible with an inflationary credit collapse, and productivity-driven benevolent deflation."

Keynesians conflate these.

Fiat money is like lying. Both multiply to cover up for their previous issuances. At some point they both collapse under their own weight.

Truth and #Bitcoin have no need for such maintenance

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